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Labour Relief Campaign

Solidarity in Times of Corona Crisis: Ration Kits to Families of Factory Workers

Factories in Gajjumatta and Quaid e Azam Industrial Estate in Lahore are firing their contractual workers in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Salaried workers were promised that they will be paid next month, yet many still have not received their salaries for February or March. The situation is similar across Lahore, Faisalabad and other major cities in Punjab.

It is clear that we are about to experience a massive social crisis far beyond anything experienced thus far.

A number of Lahore-based grassroots organizations have announced an emergency #LabourReliefCampaign to help vulnerable workers. Pakistan Left Review appeals to our readers to support this campaign of solidarity to families in dire need of aid. The effort will provide food rations, raise awareness on the Coronavirus and demand social protections for all.

Labour Relief Campaign focuses on those abandoned by the state at this moment of crisis. One of the main demands of this campaign is that high-quality free treatment and tests be provided to all showing symptoms of Coronavirus.

This is not charity. This is social solidarity to those whose labour makes our society run. PLR affirms that no one shall be deemed disposable in moments of crisis; that workers’ lives matter more than the petty profits of a few industrialists. This is why the campaign highlights the abusive practices of companies and stresses the need for government intervention.

When the powerful have abandoned the people in their moment of despair, the people must unite to build a world of compassion and solidarity.


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