Call for Submissions

Special Issue on the Crisis of Care: Health, Feminism and Environment

Submission Deadline: 8 January 2021

Pakistan Left Review is seeking articles for our upcoming special issue on the crisis of care in today’s world. We are particularly seeking critique and analysis that can help expand Left perspectives and develop a shared progressive agenda that prioritizes health, feminism and environment.

This particular issue aims to deepen debates diagnosing the multiple and overlapping crises of care, which have come into starker relief in the context of COVID-19. From the level of individual rights to health, to the need for safety at the level of the household, workplace and community, to our collective rights for a livable world, there is a need for clarity about the roots of these crises and the relationships between them. How are the multiple sites of social reproduction designed to enhance or undermine the fundamental principles of care – care for ourselves, care for our communities and longevity across generations?  

Fundamental transformations of both material and social relations are undoubtedly called for at this moment in history. We therefore also endeavor to carry content regarding the kinds alternative futures we aspire to collectively construct. This special issue aims to publish writings engaging in the burning debates on political struggle for a different kind of world, as well as those that can help us envision a 21st century transition to systems of (re)production and circulation sustained by the principles of solidarity, equality, democracy and justice.  

Finally, as key transformations of the household, workplace, community and global relations can only be realised through political struggles to reshape social practices, this special issue of PLR welcomes works on questions of strategy for strengthening an alternative political vision that can adequately address the key challenges of our era.


Submissions to PLR

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