Note from The Founding Editors

Pakistan Left Review is the product of many conversations by progressive organizers, in Lahore as well as around the world, throughout late 2019 and into early 2020. PLR is an independent online magazine that focuses on politics, history and social movements. Through academic articles written with a journalistic flair, as well as regular columns, book reviews and interviews, we advance perspective-building through democratic and socialist lenses.

We also publish regular statements on grassroots movements as an act of solidarity with the precarious and vulnerable populations in Pakistan and beyond. We believe struggles for justice are complemented by the battle of ideas, and we view our endeavour as part of the ideological struggle necessary for an alternative politics to emerge. 

Our aim is to provide a platform to young thinkers and activists interested in engaging in and building the collective Left project in Pakistan. Therefore, PLR welcomes writings of activists and academics engaged in progressive praxis. Contact us for any inquiries or to pitch article ideas at

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